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If you have been sued, or have received a subpoena, letter or other notification regarding alleged copyright infringement, the following steps are suggested:


  1. Investigate whether any unauthorized activities are occurring on your computer. Consumers should not reproduce copyrighted material without authorization or a legal right of fair use.

  1. Contact an attorney for legal assistance.  If you do not have an attorney familiar with copyright laws as they relate to the Internet, there is a list of attorneys on this site.

  1. If you believe you are innocent of the alleged copyright infractions, or to report any suspicious or abusive subpoenas you have received to the database being compiled by ChillingEffects.Org

  1. Let lawmakers know how you feel about these invasions of your privacy. Speak out by joining public interest groups or using their legislative action centers.  One place to start is by joining the EFF.
  1. If you feel you may be at risk, please read How to Not Get Sued by the RIAA for File Sharing.




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