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The Subpoena Defense Alliance is a joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the US Internet Industry Association and other organizations that began in April of 2003.  Its purpose is to assist consumers and Internet Service Providers who have been served subpoenas seeking the identity of customers who use the Internet for private communications.

It also provides assistance and links to assistance to people who have been sued or received threat letter from the RIAA/MPAA or others, and to those who might be at risk of being sued.

To contact the SDA please click here.  Please note that electronic mail is the only form of contact at present -- but we do check it very often.



If someone is seeking your name without a reasonable claim of copyright infringement, that's an abuse: For example, if someone is using the subpoena to harass or defraud; if they've matched filenames, but not their content; if you weren't using the IP address listed (because of a typo or other error, such as because someone else was using a wireless network). Even if you did have copyrighted material on your computer, you might have a lawful right of fair use.

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